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Triple Jump Betting

The Triple Jump is one of the most popular field events at the Olympics and there is sure to be plenty of betting interest, particularly from the British. The event is similar to the long jump as athletes jump as far as they can into a sand pit, although the triple jump involves the 'hope, skip and jump' technique, where jumpers perform a hop and a skip (or bound) before jumping into the pit. British interest in this particular event has been well established as Jonathan Edwards set a world record distance of 18.29m during the 1995 World Championships in Gothenburg.

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2016 Olympic Triple Jump Mens Result

Final - Tuesday 16th August 2016

Result Athlete Nationality Distance
1st Christian Taylor USA 17.86
2nd Will Claye USA 17.76
3rd Dong Bin China 17.58

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The triple jump has been part of the men's Olympics since the inaugural games in 1896 and Edwards is the current world record holder thanks to his 18.29 jump in 1995. The women's world record was also set at the 1995 World Championships in Gothenburg as Ukrainian Inessa Kravets recorded a jump of 15.5m, although the triple jump has only been an Olympic event for women since the Atlanta games in 1996.

World Records: - - -
Men 1995 Jonathan Edwards (GBR) 18.29m
Women 1995 Inessa Kravets (UKR) 15.5m

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Triple Jump Medallists - Men

Year Host Gold Silver Bronze
1896 Athens USAJames Connolly FranceAlexandre Tufferi GreeceIoannis Persakis
1900 Paris USAMyer Prinstein USAJames Connolly USALewis Sheldon
1904 St Louis USAMyer Prinstein USAFred Englehardt USARobert Stangland
1908 London Great BritainTim Ahearne CanadaGarfield MacDonald NorwayEdvard Larsen
1912 Stockholm SwedenGustaf Lindblom SwedenGeorg Aberg SwedenErik Almlof
1920 Antwerp FinlandVilho Tuulos SwedenFolke Jansson SwedenErik Almlof
1924 Paris AustraliaNick Winter ArgentinaLuis Brunetto FinlandVilho Tuulos
1928 Amsterdam JapanMikio Oda USALevi Casey FinlandVilho Tuulos
1932 Los Angeles JapanChuhei Nambu SwedenErik Svensson JapanKenkichi Oshima
1936 Berlin JapanNaoto Tajima JapanMasao Harada AustraliaJack Metcalfe
1948 London SwedenArne Ahman AustraliaGeorge Avery TurkeyRuhi Sarialp
1952 Helsinki BrazilAdhemar da Silva RussiaLeonid Shcherbakov VenezuelaArnoldo Devonish
1956 Melbourne BrazilAdhemar da Silva IcelandVilhjalmur Einarsson RussiaVitold Kreyer
1960 Rome PolandJozef Szmidt RussiaVladimir Goryaev RussiaVitold Kreyer
1964 Tokyo PolandJozef Szmidt RussiaOleg Fyodoseyev RussiaViktor Kravchenko
1968 Mexico City RussiaViktor Saneyev BrazilNelson Prudencio ItalyGiuseppe Gentile
1972 Munich RussiaViktor Saneyev East GermanyJorg Drehmel BrazilNelson Prudencio
1976 Montreal RussiaViktor Saneyev USAJames Butts BrazilJoao Carlos de Oliveira
1980 Moscow RussiaJaak Uudmae RussiaViktor Saneyev BrazilJoao Carlos de Oliveira
1984 Los Angeles USAAl Joyner USAMike Conley, Sr. Great BritainKeith Connor
1988 Seoul BulgariaKhristo Markov RussiaIgor Lapshin RussiaAleksandr Kovalenko
1992 Barcelona USAMike Conley, Sr. USACharles Simpkins BahamasFrank Rutherford
1996 Atlanta USAKenny Harrison Great BritainJonathan Edwards CubaYoelbi Quesada
2000 Sydney Great BritainJonathan Edwards CubaYoel Garcia RussiaDenis Kapustin
2004 Athens SwedenChristian Olsson RomaniaMarian Oprea RussiaDanil Burkenya
2008 Beijing PortugalNelson Evora Great BritainPhillips Idowu BahamasLeevan Sands
2012 London USAChristian Taylor USAWill Claye ItalyFabrizio Donato

Triple Jump Medallists - Women

Year Host Gold Silver Bronze
1996 Atlanta UkraineInessa Kravets RussiaInna Lasovskaya Czech RepublicSarka Kasparkova
2000 Sydney BulgariaTereza Marinova RussiaTatyana Lebedeva UkraineOlena Hovorova
2004 Athens CameroonFrancoise Mbango Etone GreeceHrysopiyi Devetzi RussiaTatyana Lebedeva
2008 Beijing CameroonFrancoise Mbango Etone RussiaTatyana Lebedeva GreeceHrysopiyi Devetzi
2012 London KazakhstanOlga Rypakova ColombiaCaterina Ibarguen UkraineOlha Saladukha