Olympic Opening Ceremony

2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Every Summer, Winter and Paralympics Competition is inaugurated by an Opening Ceremony and concluded with a closing ceremony and Rio will be no exception. Each host nation has always tried to reflect its own culture as well as reflect the union of the five continents in as creative a way as possible and as Television has played an increasingly big part in the process every attempt is made to draw in and dazzle the global millions of viewers. Some ceremonies have been more innovative or memorable than others, few will forget the 1984 ceremony in Los Angeles when a lone figure in a jet pack lit the Olympic Torch, whilst many will want to forget Kylie Minogue's rendition of Dancing Queen at Sydney in 2000.

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Many will agree that a climax was reached in Beijing, where an astonishing £70million was lavished on showcasing China's games, along with all the advantages of a communist country's endlessly recruitable population. Even with all these resources there was still a dash of controversy when it became apparent that the lone Chinese minor employed to woo the crowds was actually miming a song because the girl whose voice was used was thought to be too unattractive..

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