Olympic Stadium

2020 Olympic Stadium

All Olympic Stadia hope to brand the Olympic event they are staging and leave an indelible mark on sporting history. The 'Bird's Nest in Beijing was noteworthy because of its dramatic sculptural architecture, but with the larger public purse of a communist country and the inevitable social control of a vast population that that enables, with the Rio games in 2016 using the famous Maracana Stadium as the Olympic Stadium.

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With a capacity of 74,738, the Maracana will serve as the official Olympic Stadium as it hosts the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the football finals.

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As well as the Maracana, the Estadio Olyimpico Joao Havelange was in increased in capacity to 60,000 for the Olympic Games and the 'Engenhao', as it is also known, cost $192m to build!

It has hosted numerous sporting events over the years and will be the scene of the athletics for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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