Olympic Games Medals

2020 Olympic Games Medals Table

At every Olympic Games a medals table charts the success of the countries taking part, acting as a barometer of both the current and past sporting performances of each nation. Gold medals are of course the most prized reward and the country that wins the most are placed at the top of the list, regardless of other countries winning more silver or bronze prizes. We'll have the medals table right here when the Games begin.

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In Tokyo 2020, the medals table will be regularly displayed to assess the progress of the various nations€™ athletes. We'll have the up to date medals table right here from the start of proceedings.

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Latest 2020 Olympics Medal Table

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1. United States 46 37 38 121
2. Great Britain 27 23 17 67
3. China 26 18 26 70
4. Russia 19 18 19 56
5. Germany 17 10 15 42

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