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High Jump

The high jump is one of the modern Olympic field events that has been around since the times of the games in ancient Greece and whilst there have been small changes in the actual construction of the site used the principal remains the same. Male and (unlike ancient times) female competitors are challenged to jump as high as they can over a bar which is gradually raised until the athlete with the highest jump is crowned the winner. Both current male and female World records are the longest standing in the history of the modern games so many are keen to finally shatter it.

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2020 Olympic High Jump Men's Odds

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2020 Olympic High Jump Women's Odds

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2016 Olympic High Jump Men's Result

Final - Wednesday 17th August 2016

Result Athlete Nationality Mark
1st Derek Drouin Canada 2.38
2nd Mutaz Essa Barshim Qatar 2.36
3rd Bohdan Bondarenko Ukraine 2.33

2016 Olympic High Jump Women's Result

Final - Sunday 21st August 2016

Result Athlete Nationality Mark
1st Ruth Beitia Spain 1.97
2nd Mirela Demireva Bulgaria 1.97
3rd Blanka Vasic Croatia 1.97

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The biggest change in high jump technique and success came in the 1960€™s when Dick Fosbury developed a style that won him Olympic Golld in 1968. At the time the spectacle of a man throwing himself backwards over the bar to gain extra inches was quite shocking, whereas nowadays it is a normal and accepted quirk of the Olympic Games.

Whilst declaring a winner would appear simple, given that the competitors have three chances to clear any height, two of them could both have succeeded and then both failed to clear the next level( usually 2cm higher than before), should this occur the number of failures are factored into the outcome. So if an athlete clears a height at his first attempt he will ultimately score better than his colleague who has taken three goes if ultimately each has achieved the same height in the end.

World Records: - - -
Men 1993 Javier Sotomayor (CUB) 2.45m
Women 1987 Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 2.09m

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High Jump Medallists - Men

Year Host Gold Silver Bronze
1896 Athens USAEllery Clark USAJames Connolly
USARobert Garrett
None Awarded
1900 Paris USAIrving Baxter Great BritainPatrick Leahy HungaryLajos Gonczy
1904 St Louis USASamuel Jones USAGarrett Serviss GermanyPaul Weinstein
1908 London USAHarry Porter FranceGeo Andre
Great BritainColin Leahy
HungaryIstvan Somodi
None Awarded
1912 Stockholm USAAlma Richards GermanyHans Liesche USAGeorge Horine
1920 Antwerp USARichmond Landon USAHarold Muller SwedenBo Ekelund
1924 Paris USAHarold Osborn USALeroy Brown FrancePierre Lewden
1928 Amsterdam USABob King USABenjamin Hedges FranceClaude Menard
1932 Los Angeles CanadaDuncan McNaughton USABob Van Osdel PhilippinesSimeon Toribio
1936 Berlin USACornelius Johnson USADave Albritton USADelos Thurber
1948 London AustraliaJohn Winter NorwayBjorn Paulson USAGeorge Stanich
1952 Helsinki USAWalt Davis USAKen Wiesner BrazilJose da Conceicao
1956 Melbourne USACharles Dumas AustraliaChilla Porter RussiaIgor Kashkarov
1960 Rome RussiaRobert Shavlakadze RussiaValeriy Brumel USAJohn Thomas
1964 Tokyo RussiaValeriy Brumel USAJohn Thomas USAJohn Rambo
1968 Mexico City USADick Fosbury USAEd Caruthers RussiaValentin Gavrilov
1972 Munich RussiaJuri Tarmak East GermanyStefan Junge USADwight Stones
1976 Montreal PolandJacek Wszola CanadaGreg Joy USADwight Stones
1980 Moscow East GermanyGerd Wessig PolandJacek Wszola East GermanyJorg Freimuth
1984 Los Angeles West GermanyDietmar Mogenburg SwedenPatrik Sjoberg ChinaZhu Jianhua
1988 Seoul RussiaHennadiy Avdyeyenko USAHollis Conway RussiaRudolf Povarnitsyn
SwedenPatrik Sjoberg
1992 Barcelona CubaJavier Sotomayor SwedenPatrik Sjoberg USAHollis Conway
AustraliaTim Forsyth
PolandArtur Partyka
1996 Atlanta USACharles Austin PolandArtur Partyka Great BritainSteve Smith
2000 Sydney RussiaSergey Klyugin CubaJavier Sotomayor AlgeriaAbderahmane Hammad
2004 Athens SwedenStefan Holm USAMatt Hemingway Czech RepublicJaroslav Baba
2008 Beijing RussiaAndrey Silnov Great BritainGermaine Mason RussiaYaroslav Rybakov
2012 London RussiaIvan Ukhov USAErik Kynard QatarMutaz Essa Barshim
CanadaDerek Drouin
Great BritainRobert Grabarz

High Jump Medallists - Women

Year Host Gold Silver Bronze
1928 Amsterdam CanadaEthel Catherwood NetherlandsLien Gisolf USAMildred Wiley
1932 Los Angeles USAJean Shiley USABabe Didrikson CanadaEva Dawes
1936 Berlin HungaryIbolya Csak Great BritainDorothy Tyler-Odam GermanyElfriede Kaun
1948 London USAAlice Coachman Great BritainDorothy Tyler-Odam FranceMicheline Ostermeyer
1952 Helsinki South AfricaEsther Brand Great BritainSheile Lerwill RussiaAleksandra Chudina
1956 Melbourne USAMildred McDaniel Great BritainThelma Hopkins
RussiaMariya Pisareva
None Awarded
1960 Rome RomaniaIolanda Balas PolandJaroslawa Jozwiakowska
Great BritainDorothy Shirley
None Awarded
1964 Tokyo RomaniaIolanda Balas AustraliaMichele Brown RussiaTaisia Chenchik
1968 Mexico City CzechoslovakiaMiloslava Rezkova RussiaAntonina Lazareva RussiaValentina Kozyr
1972 Munich West GermanyUlrike Meyfarth BulgariaYordanka Blagoeva AustriaIlona Gusenbauer
1976 Montreal East GermanyRosemarie Ackermann ItalySara Simeoni BulgariaYordanka Blagoeva
1980 Moscow ItalySara Simeoni PolandUrszula Kielan East GermanyJutta Kirst
1984 Los Angeles West GermanyUlrike Meyfarth ItalySara Simeoni USAJoni Huntley
1988 Seoul USALouise Ritter BulgariaStefka Kostadinova RussiaTamara Bykova
1992 Barcelona GermanyHeike Henkel RomaniaAlina Astafei CubaIoamnet Quintero
1996 Atlanta BulgariaStefka Kostadinova GreeceNiki Bakogianni UkraineInha Babakova
2000 Sydney RussiaYelena Yelesina South AfricaHestrie Cloete SwedenKajsa Bergqvist
RomaniaOana Pantelimon
2004 Athens RussiaYelena Slesarenko South AfricaHestrie Cloete UkraineVita Styopina
2008 Beijing BelgiumTia Hellebaut CroatiaBlanka Vlasic RussiaAnna Chicherova
2012 London RussiaAnna Chicherova USABrigetta Barrett RussiaSvetlana Shkolina

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