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Hammer Throw Betting

There are several throwing events to interest sporting and betting enthusiasts alike during the Olympics, with the hammer throw an exciting part of the games. The throw is derived from older throwing events, with athletes throwing a heavy metal ball, which is attached to a wire and a handle, as far as they can. The winner is the person who throws it the furthest, with the men's hammer weighing in at 16 pounds and measuring 121.5cm in length, while the women's hammer is 8.82 pounds and 119.5cm.

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The men's hammer throw has been part of the Olympic games since 1900, although the event wasn't included in the women's events until the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

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2020 Olympic Hammer Throw Men's Odds

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2020 Olympic Hammer Throw Women's Odds

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Olympic Hammer Throw Women's Result

Final - Monday 15th August 2016

Result Athlete Nationality Distance
1st Anita Wlodarczyk Poland 82.29 (New WR)
2nd Zhang Wenxiu China 76.75
3rd Sophie Hitchen Great Britain 74.54

2012 Olympic Hammer Throw Men's Final Result

Final: Saturday 20th August 2016

Result Athlete Nationality Distance
1st Dilsod Nazarov Tajikistan 78.68
2nd Ivan Tsikhan Belarus 77.79
3rd Wojciech Nowicki Poland 77.73

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The present Men€™s World record stands at 86.74m, which was set by Russian thrower Yuriy Sedykh in 1986, while the current Olympic champion is Krisztian Pars. The women's world record is held by Poland's Anita Wlodarczyk as she threw 1.08m in 2015, while the current Olympic women's champion is Tatyana Lysenko.

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Hammer Throw Medallists - Men

Year Host Gold Silver Bronze
1900 Paris USAJohn Flanagan USATruxton Hare USAJosiah McCracken
1904 St Louis USAJohn Flanagan USAJohn DeWitt USARalph Rose
1908 London USAJohn Flanagan USAMatt McGrath CanadaCon Walsh
1912 Stockholm USAMatt McGrath CanadaDuncan Gillis USAClarence Childs
1920 Antwerp USAPatrick Ryan SwedenCarl Johan Lind USABasil Bennett
1924 Paris USAFred Tootell USAMatt McGrath Great BritainMalcolm Nokes
1928 Amsterdam IrelandPat O'Callaghan SwedenOssian Skiold USAEdmund Black
1932 Los Angeles IrelandPat O'Callaghan FinlandVille Porhola USAPeter Zaremba
1936 Berlin GermanyKarl Hein GermanyErwin Blask SwedenFred Warngard
1948 London HungaryImre Nemeth YugoslaviaIvan Gubijan USARobert Bennett
1952 Helsinki HungaryJozsef Csermak GermanyKarl Storch HungaryImre Nemeth
1956 Melbourne USAHarold Connolly RussiaMikhail Krivonosov RussiaAnatoli Samotsvetov
1960 Rome RussiaVasily Rudenkov HungaryGyula Zsivotzky PolandTadeusz Rut
1964 Tokyo RussiaRomuald Klim HungaryGyula Zsivotzky GermanyUwe Beyer
1968 Mexico City HungaryGyula Zsivotzky RussiaRomuald Klim HungaryLazar Lovasz
1972 Munich RussiaAnatoliy Bondarchuk East GermanyJochen Sachse RussiaVasiliy Khmelevskiy
1976 Montreal RussiaYuriy Sedykh RussiaAleksey Spiridonov RussiaAnatoliy Bondarchuk
1980 Moscow RussiaYuriy Sedykh RussiaSergey Litvinov RussiaJuri Tamm
1984 Los Angeles FinlandJuha Tiainen West GermanyKarl-Hans Riehm West GermanyKlaus Ploghaus
1988 Seoul RussiaSergey Litvinov RussiaYuriy Sedykh RussiaJuri Tamm
1992 Barcelona Andrey Abduvaliyev Igor Astapkovich Igor Nikulin
1996 Atlanta HungaryBalazs Kiss USALance Deal UkraineOleksandr Krykun
2000 Sydney PolandSzymon Ziolkowski ItalyNicola Vizzoni BelarusIgor Astapkovich
2004 Athens JapanKoji Murofushi BelarusIvan Tsikhan TurkeyEsref Apak
2008 Beijing SloveniaPrimoz Kozmus SwitzerlandVadim Devyatovskiy SwitzerlandIvan Tsikhan
2012 London HungaryKrisztian Pars SloveniaPrimoz Kozmus JapanKoji Murofushi

Hammer Throw Medallists - Women

Year Host Gold Silver Bronze
2000 Sydney PolandKamila Skolimowska RussiaOlga Kuzenkova GermanyKirsten Munchow
2004 Athens RussiaOlga Kuzenkova CubaYipsi Moreno CubaYunaika Crawford
2008 Beijing BelarusAksana Miankova CubaYipsi Moreno ChinaZhang Wenxiu
2012 London RussiaTatyana Lysenko PolandAnita Wlodardzyk West GermanyBetty Heidler