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16 men'€™s teams and 12 women's teams will compete across Brazil for the Olympic footballing Gold in 2016. Similar to FIFA's World Cup, the competition begins with group matches and concludes with a knock out phase, but there the similarity stops.

Obsessed as the British are by the game of football, at the Olympic Games the sport has less than an enthusiastic following, largely as a result of the format of the teams. Originally the sport was only open to amateur players of the game but to reinvigorate interest the rules were changed for the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 when professional players were invited to participate.

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Olympic Football Men's Medallists

Final - Saturday 20th August 2016

Result Team
Gold Brazil
Silver Germany
Bronze Nigeria

Olympic Football Women's Medallists

Result Team
Gold Germany
Silver Sweden
Bronze Canada

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Unsurprisingly, football'€™s governing body FIFA was alarmed at this turn of events, concerned that the Olympics would compete with its own World Cup so insisted on some restrictions. Consequently teams from Africa, Asia, Oceania and CONACAF can play their strongest professional sides but UEFA and CONMEBOL teams were only allowed to use players who had not previously played in a World Cup. Whilst this had made it difficult for European teams it did not stop France winning in 1984.

Since 1992 the rules have been embellished further, all except 3 male competitors from each team must be under 23.

The confusion about teams was then further complicated in the UK by the issue of a combined Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish and English team competing under the banner of team GB. The four footballing associations were unable to agree on a resolution to this issue until in May 2009 there was finally an agreement that English footballers could represent the country without players from the other three home countries taking part.

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