Olympic Decathlon Odds

Decathlon Betting

The Decathlon is a purely male competition consisting of ten track and field events and the winner has always been regarded as the supreme Olympic athlete. The ten events take place over two consecutive days and are timetabled as below :

Day 1 Day 2
100 metres 110 metre hurdles
Long Jump Discus
Shot Put Pole Vault
High Jump Javelin
400 metres 1500 metres

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The competitors accrue a number of points depending on how far they throw, how fast they run, how high or long they jump etc., the highest scorer is the winner. At present the World Record stands at 9045 points, set in 2015 by Ashton Eaton of the USA and Eaton is also the Olympic Champion following his sucess in 2012.

Britain€™s glory days in this event occurred in 1980 and 1984 when Daley Thompson won Olympic Golds with a personal best score of 8847 points in 1984.

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2020 Olympic Decathlon Odds

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2016 Olympic Decathlon Result

Result will appear here but in the meantime you can find the result from 2012 below...

Final - Thursday 18th August 2016

Result Athlete Nationality Points
1st Ashton Eaton USA 8893 (New OR)
2nd Kevin Mayer France 8834
3rd Damian Warner Canada 8666

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Decathlon Medallists

Year Host Gold Silver Bronze
1904 St Louis Great BritainTom Kiely USAAdam Gunn USATruxton Hare
1912 Stockholm USAJim Thorpe
SwedenHugo Wieslander
SwedenCharles Lomberg SwedenGosta Holmer
1920 Antwerp NorwayHelge Lovland USABrutus Hamilton SwedenBertil Ohlson
1924 Paris USAHarold Osborn USAEmerson Norton EstoniaAleksander Klumberg
1928 Amsterdam FinlandPaavo Yrjola FinlandAkilles Jarvinen USAKen Doherty
1932 Los Angeles USAJames Bausch FinlandAkilles Jarvinen FinlandWolrad Eberle
1936 Berlin USAGlenn Morris USABob Clark USAJack Parker
1948 London USARobert Mathias FranceIgnace Heinrich USAFloyd Simmons
1952 Helsinki USARobert Mathias USAMilt Campbell USAFloyd Simmons
1956 Melbourne USAMilt Campbell USARafer Johnson RussiaVasili Kuznetsov
1960 Rome USARafer Johnson TaiwanYang Chuan-Kwang RussiaVasili Kuznetsov
1964 Tokyo RussiaWilli Holdorf RussiaRein Aun RussiaHans-Joachim Walde
1968 Mexico City USABill Toomey West GermanyHans-Joachim Walde West GermanyKurt Bendlin
1972 Munich RussiaMykola Avilov RussiaLeonid Lytvynenko PolandRyszard Katus
1976 Montreal USABruce Jenner West GermanyGuido Kratschmer RussiaMykola Avilov
1980 Moscow Great BritainDaley Thompson RussiaYuriy Kutsenko RussiaSergei Zhelanov
1984 Los Angeles Great BritainDaley Thompson West GermanyJurgen Hingsen West GermanySiegfried Wentz
1988 Seoul East GermanyChristian Schenk East GermanyTorsten Voss CanadaDavid Steen
1992 Barcelona CzechoslovakiaRobert Zmelik SpainAntonio Penalver USADave Johnson
1996 Atlanta USADan O'Brien USAFrank Busemann USATomas Dvorak
2000 Sydney EstoniaErki Nool EstoniaRoman Sebrle USAChris Huffins
2004 Athens USARoman Sebrle USABryan Clay KazakhstanDmitriy Karpov
2008 Beijing USABryan Clay BelarusAndrei Krauchanka CubaLeonel Suarez
2012 London USAAshton Eaton USATrey Hardee CubaLeonel Suarez